In mourning

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Leo’s funeral in West Wing

OK, I know this might appear to be a little off-topic (!) but this weekend marked More 4’s end of the West Wing series finale. Two final episodes – as well as six great repeats and a crumby quiz show hosted by Rory Bremner.

This is a show which genuinely motivates its viewers to greatness. How rare is that? Great scripts (yes, yes – even after Aaron Sorkin), great actors, great plots. A TV show that genuinely does reach for the stars and I have genuinely enjoyed all 154 of them.

The alleged polling of Jed Bartlet (the series’s fictional president) as a having a higher approval rating than real life President Bush is surprisingly unsurprising to us Brit. We find it easy to believe because we don’t understand how much the Americans respect and follow their leader, and we expect our leaders to posses and academic superiority. In two of today’s episodes (24 hours in America parts 1 and 2, series 3) Bartlet is competing with Governor Ritchie, a Bush style Texan with an unintelligent grasp of English. Bartlet staff argue about whether this should be used against him; how it will play politically. As Josh remind Toby: “not everyone was the smartest kid in the class; not everyone liked the smartest kid in the class”.

Two things we can take out. (Trying desperately hard to get back to the topic) technology makes us accountable: Nowadays every day we should be thinking that all of our actions are accounted for the same way the president’s are. And, leaders can come from anywhere but that serious morals are what defines us. Barlet is sharp, clever and expedient but he is defined by trust.