Suprisingly forward, suprisingly backward

I don’t normally talk about commercial stuff here but I went to a very odd conference this week. I can’t say exactly what it was but it was a large UK communications group talking about how the current generation of internet trends were being reflected in their business.

Of course, the “2.0” thing was mentioned excesively but in the same breath we also heard about a “viral” campaign for a mortgage advice company, we heard about amazon-style profiling of user’s needs on a 10k website, and we heard about how CD-Roms are still viable before being showing us  a CD-Rom interface with web style navigation.

It was like a hideous 1999 flash back. There’s a lot of clever people making clever observations about the way our world is changing, but our industry has its own very long tail!!

Let us not forget that it was the crap me-too agencies that really helped the bubble burst last time round. Let’s crack down on terrible, ill-informed copyists in our industry just as they would be in any other.