Cupid Stunts

“Amelie” viral on YouTube

Digital Republic reports today that AIS (Archibald Ingall Stretton) has created a ‘viral’ on YouTube for Lorelei Mathias’ novel about speed dating, ‘Step on It, Cupid’. They’ve also created a ‘blog’ on MySpace.

 I think this is the worst “dad at the disco” behavior I’ve seen to date.

 Interested too in what Dare did for Vodafone: Coin Dominos

Much better obviously although:

1. Made using very traditional ad agency skills
2. Bit of a danger of it being a Vampire (more on that later, just been reading a great book on it).

2 thoughts on “Cupid Stunts”

  1. isn’t this just legitimate advertising rather than there really being any sense of injustice to the rights of youtube have any? are you the audience?

    the coins is money

  2. Nope. It’s the advertising equivalent of selling double glazing to your own gran. And if you believe any one of those ‘friends’ is real either, you’re as daft as they are.

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