Gadget and a half

The filter - desktop interface

New gadget I’ve just downloaded: The Filter from Exabra is excellent. It mood filters your own record collection (as well as pointing you in the direction of tracks to buy should you wish). I tell it I like Concrete Sky by Beth Orten and it creates a playlist including “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” by St Etienne and “And She Was” by Talking Heads. Brilliant.

(I promise I’ve only just noticed in writing this that my new company Conchango is part of this. Even better!)

Incidentally, and it really is a very small grumble for such a good product, why do people say things like this – taken from the download page – “The Filter makes listening to music easy and enjoyable”. This is the language of hype which is simply unnecessary. They’ve got the tone on the first page: “those playlists you never get round to making… this gizmo does them for you”.

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  1. I’ve been using The Filter for a few months now and couldn’t survive with out it being the lazy git that I am 😉

    I use it mostly to fill my ipod with playlist for my daily trek on the train into work. I really really like the fact that it automatically updates my playlist so that I don’t have to bother thinking what I want to listen to.

    Cool piece of software

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