Pattern Cognition

Jon Leach has spotted a very important pattern on his blog of the same name Pattern Recognition. He’s a fellow Chime person and is commenting on Resonate winning a digital-only pitch. I’ve spoken to Michael Frohliche about how much of his pitches are digital and his view is very straight-forward this: “They’re all digital pitches”. And like BBH winning a digital account, or indeed winning an ATL pitch for Ikea in adland; we can expect to see much of this across marcomms in 2007. And it’ll be extremely punchy with it.

But just to bring it all back together. Here’s an excellent piece about whether or not pattern recognition is practical anymore.

The new pattern, it seems, is that there are no more patters. Or the opposite. We’re not sure. 

A few declarations: I currently work for VCCP (in digital) which is part of Chime, as is Resonate