Lord Bell in new media age

Lord Bell

One of the themes we’ve been  talking to everyone about recently is how the old rules of marketing still apply. I know it’s not fashionable to think this way but it’s obviously true. If planning became popular in the 70s because it’s about identifying a real consumer need and meeting it in communications, don’t we need more – not less – of that.

Now to be fair and disclose everything, I work for Chime, so Lord Bell is technically my boss (for one more day at least). But look at the startling insight of some comments he makes in a New Media Age interview with Nic Howell – who incidentally is on a run following a blinding interview with Bogusky (of Crispin, Porter Bogusky fame – NB the best digital and direct agency in the world is neither digital nor direct).

 This is nicked from NMA’s article:

Why do you think this country is such a crucible for what’s interesting in digital media?

Because we’re a nation of gossips. Look at what is really successful in this country: soap operas, gossip columns. We’re obsessed with gossip. The internet and the mobile phone are two devices whereby people can gossip non-stop. YouTube, MySpace – they may be called social networking sites but what they are is gossip sites.

On the role of the internet and reputation

“… you have to look at the internet as being something where other people say things about you. It’s very complex, but not impossible, challenging.”

On PR and the internet
“Now we are in a very diferent world because everyone has access to everything. So what we’re now trying to do is join those conversations and be the most persuasive or the most informative or the most impactful.”