Vista – not bad!


I’ve got Vista on my laptop at home.

I think I really like it but I’ve started to doubt myself.

 Cool widgets in Vista

Am I crazy!? I’ve just done a google search for “Vista great” and I get no entries that aren’t on the Microsoft sites and several with the word “not” inserted.

It’s quick, its cute, it’s stable. They’ve thought a great deal about the interface. The widgets are fab. It’s very good with pics, music and video.

Is it 10x better than XP? Well no, but then XP was pretty good really. Is it better than the latest Mac? Well I think it’s probably pretty similar because I don’t think we’re looking at a lot of room for improvement.

 Is it excessively chunky – well yes, but 500 terabytes of RAM is now £4.60.

1 thought on “Vista – not bad!”

  1. For completeness, try Googling “Vista sucks” and see all the entries that are on both Microsoft and non-Microsoft related sites and blogs.

    I’ve not yet tried Vista but the scale of the reported suckiness of it is quite significant.

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