Antony Mayfield attempts world domination

Me at B4B2007

Antony was very kind to invite me take part in Blogging for Business 2007 conference.  It was a discussion panel about how well marketing people and agencies are adapting to new consumers. Also on the panel were Ian Delaney from NMK and Roberto Hortal Munoz  from More Th>n – both really nice guys with interesting takes on this stuff. And, of course, there was Antony himself, who was also on all the other panels, as well as being the event’s publicist and spokesperson!

At 6.30am he did an early Radio 5 show to promote the event. In return for which he was rewarded by the show’s generous listeners with the comment that “the b in ‘blogs’ stands for boring” – that’s user-generated content for you. He then ended up on Chris Evans on Radio 2 at around 6.30pm (Click on wednessday and then skip to 1.25 minutes in) with a fab hi-energy interview about… blogging for business.

Antony made a very interesting point on the Evans show – for corporates to have blogs makes the whole conversation politer because people are more likely to treat you with respect if you’re in the room!

I thought there were some reasonably interesting observations made in our little session too but obviously not that many since we were sitting infront of literally hundreds of bloggers, all with laptops on and open, and yet no-one’s really said anything about our earth-shatteringly incisive thoughts. Next time we’ll have to be really really gobby!

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  1. Thanks for coming yesterday, Tom – I thought it was a good discussion on stage – lots of different perspectives…

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