The ferry at Putney 

I’ve just changed jobs.

I used to wonder how anyone could stand changing jobs every two years (having left it somewhat longer). Well now I *really* don’t know. All that disruption, the new kettle to get used to, new systems, all those names…

Anyhow, amongst the multitude of things that are different about my new job (and it’s so different, it’s largely not really a question of better or worse) is the location.

Victoria was pretty cool but Southwark Bridge I think, has it. It’s near the brilliant Tate Modern building, the wobbley bridge, the Thames, Borough market, I walk past the globe every day, best sandwich shop I’ve ever been to, and to seal the whole thing, I got a boat to work today!

It takes about 30 mins longer than the tube. You have to pay a bit more and it’s a little bit more windy but what a marvellous thing. What a nice way to start the day.