What was I looking for?

Cat starting at screen 

I love thinking about thinking. BlinkThe Advertised Mind, how people recognise and respond to patterns, what really enforces people’s behaviour.

And that feeling when you find yourself able to name another thing is great. The feeling when you find out that it’s not just you that has a way of thinking (or seems to, otherwise I know that’s an impossible philosophical conundrum) is great.

Well today I have a new one named WWILF. (Keep both ‘w’s or things change rather dramatically). It stands for “What Was I Looking For?” and it is the symptom of going online to do something and finding out several minutes or hours later that you’re in the middle of something else entirely that distracted you.

According to Matthew from the office, this is potentially causing lost productivity of several hours a week for most employees. I think we all know someone doing the best to get the ratio the other way round, doing 2 hours work a week and filling in the gaps with WWILF journeys of discovery.

Now can anyone tell me what the proper name for Bathenfreude is?