More pointlessness for a Saturday morning. B3ta seem to have appointed a 404 officer with literally hundreds of variants being shown on a loop on their own error page. This does beg the slightly odd question of why I had such a hard time finding them in the first place: one broken link would have made the whole process a lot easier in hindsight.

Predictably scoring highly in politically incorrect stakes and with a large number of appearances from both Carol Vorderman and Joey Deacon, the collection also includes a suprising number of more sophisticated entries such as “ce n’est pas un 404”. Here are a few highlights.

201.jpg27.gif25.jpg26.gif24.jpg21.jpg19.jpg18.jpg17.jpg16.jpg15.jpg13.jpg12.jpg11.jpg10.jpg9.jpg8.jpg7.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg 1.jpg 5.jpg