Feeding the disease

There’s seems to have been a massive surge in Facebook popularity, amongst my contacts at least. Can this new contender catch up with the mighty MySpace? Currently Facebook is trailing by 20m users to MySpace’s 180m and Live Space’s 120m.

If they can, it will be testament to their user-centred approach over MySpace’s feature loading. And what’s the feature that best matches a user-need? It must be matching users’ desire to feed the very noughties craving for continuous partial attention.

Facebook delivers twitter-like features to a new level, turning general user actions into usable community content snippets, displaying a constant feed of information not just about status but also in structured information. “John has added Amelie to his favourite films”, “X and Y are now friends”, “Z in now single” and transforming potentially dull information to a great mini soap opera.


Keep it up lads. And here’s another  great little tool which maps your network, showing the relatively popularity of your friends and how they all link together:
Bored of the book