Future of facebook

Rather than trying to predict new trends across the whole of the interweb, let’s take things one at a time and try and trend spot just what will happen on Facebook, the site which – within the agency echo-chamber at least – appears to be becoming a bit of a phenomenon. 

With the minor exception of their API privacy policy which is a mess as Antony points out, the extremely redundant message below, Facebook have done a very good job of delivering only useful features and extremely usable interfaces so what can we expect to see in the next 6-12 months?

You are now online message from Facebook

  1. A tie up with Last FM. That was easy, it’s trailed on the Last FM website. I think we can expect statuses to change depending on listening habbits although the sheer voume of Last FM current output could be a bit overwhelming.
  2. In-page instant messenger (linked to existing platforms such as Live services perhaps)
  3. A partnership with a phone service like Skype or Google Talk
  4. More Mobile. In the states, they’re already doing a really sophisticated mobile service by SMS. Their mobile version of the main platform is really good already but I’d expect closer integration and maybe even a download. In fact that could be the real killer app for mobile – the whole communications experience re-engineered around a social network. A facebook branded phone perhaps. Be interesting to see how the networks would take that on!

There must be more, I’m sure I’ve only just scraped the surface. Anyone from Facebook fancy leaking a few, or any other suggestions? Answers on a postcard please.