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Brands in the wrong places 

One of the very first things I wrote about when starting this blog was viral marketing and what we could possibly mean by the term.

Without wanting to get all Kant about this, I think there’s only one thing wrong with viral marketing, and that is that it doesn’t exist.

I’m not saying that the “viral effect” doesn’t exist. It’s everywhere. The growth of facebook is quite phenomenal for instance. I’m just saying this is not something you put on your marketing schedules. It’s not something where you can add a perceived difference (the monkey falling out of the tree being funny) to what you’re actually marketing.

Just because a phenomnen can be percieved does not necessarily mean that it can (or should) be turned into a type of marketing which is appropriate for any brand.

Word-of-mouth marketing is another example of the same thing. What on earth do ‘WoM’ consultants tell their clients? “Make a good thing and people will talk about it”?. Next week’s installment? “Make a shit product a people will talk about it”? Week 3? “Make a dull product and no one will talk about it”?

What next? Twitter marketing? Oh yeah. Sorry.