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Welcome to Optimism (W+K London)

I’ve been watching with interest the blog posts on Welcome to Optimism – Wieden + Kennedy’s official blog out of London – about their progess on the Ikea pitch. They talked about the build up, the staff working the weekend to get it done, and now the fact that they’ve lost the pitch to BMB.

What’s the rule about damage limitation? Get it out fast, get it out first and get it out on your terms? Is that what they’re doing? I don’t know. I don’t get it. The post itself is magnanimous, although they’ve dropped in a no-pitch win rather bizarrely (if you worked at the Observer, would you sign off that coverage?) This has made me wonder, how did all this functionally get delivered? Did the client know? Our trade press is desperate to have scoops of all of this sort of stuff. So keen in fact that they seem happy to make half of it up (“xxxx is looking for a digital agency….”). If we’re all going to just tell everyone, what will Campaign be for?

3 thoughts on “Being optimistic”

  1. It’s too late to be asking such complicated questions. Next you’ll be telling me I should have a blog that’s searchable by google and you can read without registering…
    I’m off to bed.

  2. It’s not damage limitation. Just telling people what’s going on. It so happens that over the time since the last post we’d won one and lost one. If we’d won both I’d have been delighted to post that news. Interesting that Campaign frequently uses stories from our blog. But doesn’t often credit the source!

  3. Thanks for clarifying Neil, and I certainly don’t want to be negative about people being open. It just seems to be something that most agencies can’t do, and most often because most clients don’t appear to be up for it. Do you ask your clients at the outset of a pitch if they’re happy for your to blog about it?

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