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The famous You Tube cat (the one in the toilet)

Quite suprised to read Robert Gray’s article in Campaign about user-generated content and advertising. 

What starts well quickly becomes a bizarre instruction manual for loading your ads onto YouTube. Then we steer on to the concept of user-generated advertising. Steve Henry (of TBWA\London) has apparently taken to posting briefs in their Soho reception so that anyone can wander in off the street to answer them.

What utter nonsense (as Amelia points out in the sidebar).

All we have to do if we want to witness the triumph of ambition over talent is to turn on “Any dream will do“.

Do advertising agencies really think that everyone on the street can do a better job than them in creating adverts? Of course not. They’re just so on the back foot that they’ll pander to any minority opinion that makes them look like they’ve understood the new consumer.

Possibly the most amusing and succinct phrasing of this is RMM London’s hillarous analysis of user-generated Doritos.

Or look at it another way. Why would a consumer voluntarily produce a good ad for a product? I don’t mean in return for a cash prize or a lifetime’s supply of corn snacks. I mean because of passion for the brand. Well, they’d do it because they care about the product. Because of the product’s innovation, because of its relevance. In that case, they’re unlikely to create the sort of ads an ad agency will make… one that attempts to add emotional significance to the product. They’d just talk about why they love the product.

Particularly amusing as well to hear Neil Hughston quoted about “return on involvement” when it is his company – Saatchi Interactive – that is responsible for the disasterous and embarassing boondoggle for Dr Martens (who don’t even sell their own shoes online) that Amelia criticises in her sidebar. This is a quote from the site:

FREEDM2 is an online creative collective set up by Dr. Martens. We’ve always liked the DIY aesthetic that people apply to our boots, so we decided to offer everyone a place to do their thing and share it with the world.

Why I say, that’s exactly how my friends all speak. That DIY aesthetic sure is “kickin'”.

While we’re at it: very funny discussion forum on FREEDM2 here at e-consultancy.

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