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Thinking blogger awards

Unlike most pyramid schemes, if I break the chain of the “thinking blogger award“, I don’t end up with a life of unhappiness or the loss of multiple limbs.

Nevertheless, it’s a great honor to make Amelia‘s list and it is a pleasure to name some more blogs which inspire me. Obviously these are the tip of a large social-media-shaped iceberg, and not one of them matches up to Amelia’s own posts, which I await with a feverish anticipation normally reserved for teenage girls on the eve of  a new Busted album.

1. Antony on Open. Inspirational and persistent. Spent a year telling me again  and again why blogs weren’t just newsgroups from the 90s with a new name, and didn’t say “told you so” when I started my own. Constantly full of new takes and a resolute understanding of what’s going on.

2. RMM London. Consistently fascinating, witty and understated.

3. Creating Passionate Users. I don’t know how it ended up in my reader. Looking for a quote about usability I think and then I found this amazing repository of thinking which extends design from functional basics to the most fantastically sophicated thoughts about usability and user engagement. I still refer back to Kathy Sierra’s posts regularly. There are some real classics. I hope with time she will feel she can return to bringing us her beautiful insights.

4. AdLiterate from Richard Huntingdon. Pound for pound, the most insightful blog on the internet. Sometimes caustic, always engaging, brilliantly written and with fab illustrations. 

5. Russell Davies, of course. I’m sure I can’t be the first to nominate him.  Fascinating thoughts, beautifully written. I’d love to know what his five are.

Right guys, keep the chain within five days or your coffee will curdle and your wallpaper will peel.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Tom — am I really still doing the firehose thing? I struggle with that sometimes 🙂

    Maybe we can develop some protocol where if you catch me doing it again you can make some kind of secret gesture… 🙂

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