Not a lot to Ask

After all the nonsense of Information Revolution, it’s great to see doing some actually worthwhile stuff to try and improve their search engine.

A lot of the front-end changes may owe a fair amount to the big G and emerging trends in the marketplace (including “suggests” style prompting) but there’s some nice new stuff in their too. They’ve managed to do some really nice skins, as well as some quite useful little Ajax interfaces:

Ask - skins

And in terms of the results page, some very neat innovations for structured results which are a pretty major improvement over Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. See the search below for “Neil Finn” which has brought up relevant music, image and wikipedia structured listings, as well as having found good relevant related searches: - structured search results for Neil Finn

This is the sort of thing they should have been talking about before – customer-value driven product benefit, not marketing nonsense. This might actually make one more person use their site.