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Set Godin at Ted Tealks

In yet another fascinating TED talks presentation, Seth Godin talks about the end of the TV-industrial complex and the need for relevant interestingness (or interesting relevantness) in products.

His argument is that in a world with not very much media, getting attention was a matter of marketing dollars. In a world with far too much media, it’s about getting and keeping attention by being interesting. We’re all, he says, in the fashion industry now. Brands must try to come up with new and exciting ways to talk to those customers who are most interested in them. And when this is done well, the effect is dramatic, as those consumers spread the word of their finding. He explores the word remarkable for all it’s meaning (not just interesting but talkable), and asserts that for product giants like P&G, safe products, average products are now risky.

Over-simplistic? Perhaps a little. Thought provoking? Definitely. Well worth a watch (17 minutes).

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  1. I think he’s spot on, frankly. You have to simplify this stuff, because otherwise its too complex. Once we’ve grasped the basics (including the fact that it is very complex) then we can move on the ifs, buts and OMGs of the situation…

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