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 80 Milk Marketing advert

Interesting to read Simon Gill over at LBi Framfab Wheel Icon gushing about the Goodby Silverstein-generated ‘Get the Glass’ campaign (which just won a Gold at Cannes CyberLions) in the same week that Planning for Fun remembers the genius of the classic 80s Ian Rush advert by the UK Milk Marketing Board.

If I could post a comment on Simon’s blog entry (you need to work there to do that), it would be this: “If the GSP milk adver-web-game is so great, and you’ve ‘engaged’ with it  so entirely, how many more glasses of milk are you drinking each day?”

In 500 words, Gill not once refers to selling a single pint more milk, nor driving any perceptual shift about the product’s position. It’s all about the craft employed in making it which is – without a doubt – amazing.

GSP’s famous “got milk” campaign (discussed heavily by John Steel in the excellent Truth, Lies and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning) spotted a consumer insight – that milk was most prized when consumed in combination with other food stuffs, cookies, sandwiches etc – to reverse a long term decline in the fortunes of the California milk marketing board.

Where is the insight in making a game about a family driving around in a little car with lots of milk bottles in it? I have a horrible suspicion the insight is that kids like computer games, so… let’s make a computer game with a milk bottle in it. Wow, that’s lateral thinking.

In fact, the only thing this beautfiul little game appears to be an advert for is the amazing production company that put it together – North Kingdom.

So, those of us that have a 8Mb broadband connection get to play a beautiful game with OK playability (but not a serious contender against proper games), GSP and North Kingdom get a night out in Cannes, a nice little statue of a Lion and some kudos. 1,000 CVs have the game added to them. But what does the client get? Or anyone in the target audience. A big fat bill for the cleint and a website they will never see for the audience.

I don’t get it. How do they get away with this? Getting the client to fund these overblown pieces of awards-fodder.

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  1. What he said above. With knobs on.

    Seriously tho – I thought this at the time when I read the LBi post (had only freshly read Truth, Lies and Advertising over Christmas). Thank you for writing it down…

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