Spot the difference

Time Net Vibes Universe

NetVibes (which is like iGoogle, or Page Flakes) is now allowing brands to take their personal home page and publish it so everyone can see it (they call it “Netvibes Universe”).

Obviously, you’ll include different content on a page you or your brand is going to make public than from your personal start page but otherwise it’s an obvious evolution. And, it doesn’t take a lot to make the jump to start to see how an organisation could build its whole website this way (see the Time “universe” above).

When put in that context, the concept of building pages from constituent units seems remarkably similar to the big CMS systems like Vignette or MOSS. The advantage of NetVibes (except price) is that the elements can easily be repurposed to other sites and customers’ personal portals. It’s a way off yet, but an interesting convergence to watch , especially when  we see what blogs (essentially smallscale personal CMSs) did for personal publishing.