Summer in the city

Chinwag event 

You kind of have to take your hat off to Chinwag for having a go at organising a massive summer bash for an industry once again in rude health. Big Summer ’07 is their attempt to bring the industry together for a big event, oodles of (social!) networking, a drink and a dance.

Well I met some nice new people, some very nice old people (not old old people, old acquaintances), had a good burger and some salad, and…. stood in queues and listened to people whinge about queues, rain and burgers.

I guess it’s a vicious circle. If the industry is on its knees then no one wants a party. If the industry’s booming then everyone expects waiter service and caviar, rather than being reminded of the last time they were in a student union without enough bar staff. Something tells me the sponsors’ pockets were deep but not that deep. Still I guess it’ll prevent a few unsightly hangovers.

Surely the next one should be some sort of Chinwag flashmob. Then everyone can bring their own drinks or drugs or whatever, and can still sponsor the lanyards.

4 thoughts on “Summer in the city”

  1. Tom,

    Lovely to meet you last night.

    You know, I’m a mug – I have read your blog before as well; if I’d have remembered, I’d have had more questions. In fact, I think we’ve traded comments on Amelia’s blog before.


    We should have a few beers at some point, and have a proper chat.



  2. And in another ‘it’s a small world after all’ thing – I think (if you link to RMM), you must know Mat Morrison; he’s a good friend of mine.

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for the write up – loving the flashmob idea.

    Great post, and glad you enjoyed it 🙂



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