I can’t believe it’s not better

I’ve been a member of the Marketing Society for a few years now. The thing that normally convinces me to cough up the membership fee each year is Market Leader, the great quarterly publication.

I’ve always been amazed at how the society markets itself. We all know about the problems of coblers’ shoes, but it is in the field of digital marketing that the society really is out of its depth

Until a couple of months ago they would send an email every fortnight to all members with an animated gif of a conveyor belt in it!

 Just last week I received this bulk email:

Marketing Society email

The title is “Are you sure you know what’s going on?”. Somewhat bizarrely, the from address is “Email from Hugh Burkitt” (as if it wouldn’t be immediately obvious it were an email). It still has all that legal stuff at the bottom like a normal email. It has one of those bizarre scanned in signatures. The first paragraph says:

It’s easy to get a false sense of security. You’ve strolled around Second Life and read a blog or two. But are you as knowledgeable about today’s social or economic trends as your consumers?

Readers are then encouraged to take this somewhat bizarre test which ranks how modern you are on the basis of whether you know the market valuation of Google. Perhaps I’m just bitter because I only got 16%, which also appears to imply that I’m a 35-44 year old woman (marketers!).

16%? But I’ve read loads of blogs and everything