More Second Life losers

Two people seen at once in Second Life shock (both work for agency)

PSFK highlights once again that while the hype around Second Life is alive and well, the community itself certainly isn’t. And in even worse health are the advertisers who are flailing away with their empty Second Life spaces. As Wired points out, users simply aren’t finding the virtual reality world interesting enough: 85% of avatars are abandoned (I left mine in AKQA’s reception). And of those 15% that do hang around, they’re definitely not there for Visa’s Island (Visa couldn’t even come up with a good reason to go there) or Coke’s ‘Virtual Thirst Pavillion’.

Wired quotes stats where ‘Sexy Beach’, a popular area with sex shops, dancing and ‘no-strings hookups’ scores a metric of 133,000. Coke gets 27. 

Joseph Jaffe, author of ‘Life after the 30 second spot’ is responsible for Coke’s presence. Despite terrible traffic figures, he says:

“The learning is now. You are a pioneer, and with that comes first-mover advantage”

Wow, I think I’ve just been teleported myself. This time back to 1999. It may not be about ‘exposure’ any more, perhaps ‘engagement’ is more important. But that’s still got to be with more than 20 people. Perhaps the 30 second spot isn’t all that dead after all.

Of course, the empty warehouses of Second Life (a little reminiscent of Canary Wharf at the weekend as Antony points out) are a sign of brand managers desperate not to be left behind like they were with Social networks and the rest.

But of course, with virtually infinite space, it’s about what you’re saying not how loud you can shout. “My Island is bigger than yours” doesn’t really cut it.

And now we must brace ourselves for the ill-thought-through Facebook invasion.

10 thoughts on “More Second Life losers”

  1. Tom,

    fyi – it’s “losers”, not “loosers”

    fwiw, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

    The issue of “traffic” and “ghost towns” has been addressed exhaustively. Coke’s Virtual Thirst program suffered from neither.

    The SL metrics and their methodologies have always been somewhat subjective and certainly evolving.

    I’d be happy to personally walk you through the entire program if you like. Just give me a shout…


  2. Wow,

    thanks Joseph, both for the offer – which I’ll definitely take you up on – and the spelling (which I’ve now corrected – I had managed to spell loser as looser, which makes me feel like a total looser…. oh god, I can’t even spell it).

  3. Great post, marred only slightly by your “tongue down the back of the trousers” response to Jaffe(!)

  4. Second Life is for losers… What a waste of time and money for those of you who are stupid enough to invest in Linden dollars. I have tried it, even created an avatar and see no point to use. From a business perspective, there’s even less value in it. The point is get a Life, a REAL one!

  5. I have to wonder just how many of those shouting “I have a bigger island” are letting there REAL LIFE mortgages, housework, relationships and any other REAL LIFE responsibilities go to hell in a hand basket. Like having to spend hours fixing a hole in there pretend wall in a stupid game but hasn’t done the dishes in over a month. Utterly rediculous. I agree with you, James Bondi. Second Life is for losers. You all seem to be in comas out here in the REAL WORLD…. WTFUp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley must be laughing their asses off over this one. No way they could have imagined society getting this screwed up.

  7. It’s been about a year since this article has been written and I am new on SL so perhaps times have changed. But SL for my organisation is a powerful tool for conferencing and training. Sure there may be ‘looooooosers’ who peruse second life because they are in search of some real life fulfilment. But you narrowly focused the discussion to that rather then it’s potential. And one could argue that these so called losers are better off in SL then in RL if for anything for our sake.

    It’s like anything. All things in moderation. Some folks don’t get that… so what.

    You wait and see. I predict Facebook and MySpace and other social media will be virtual very soon.

  8. Ok, please dont try to defend facebook, mayspace, twitter and the likes. I predict ALL the social networking and virtual social sites becoming obsolete soon once people remember they have a real life that is/can be much more fulfilling than a virtual one that can be deleted and turned off with the click of a mouse. no funeral needed for the virtual avatar or insurance claims or anything else really, just dead pixels. Please people for the sake of our race go outside and interact with REAL people.

  9. Second Life is just another outlet for snooty holier than thou hermits who are afraid to go out in the real world.

    Ever notice when you ask one of those dorks what makes it so unique they get all defensive? Ah well I guess your avatar isn’t having sex with mine tonight.

    No Lifers: LISTEN UP. It’ OK to admit the fact that you all NEED TO GET OUT MORE. Just do it. And stop pretending that you’re part of something special. You’re NOT.

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