When two worlds collide


A great example of the car crash of old media and new media as Vodafone et al remove their ads from Facebook on the grounds that they are appearing alongside the BNP’s groups and pages.

I hear this on the same day that someone from one of the world’s largest companies told me that advertising simply wasn’t working for their company any more. No amount of good story can make up for a bad product. I’m hearing this all the time at the moment.

Like all advertisers and media agencies, Vodafone and OMD have been following ‘audiences’ to Facebook. But they may as well be advertising on MSNBC for all they really care about the content. Wouldn’t it be better if they banned BMP from using their network than stopping their money from supporting BNP. Then they could devote their energies to finding something useful they could do for their customers rather than this sort of petty PRing.

Were any customers confused that Vodafone was supporting BNP? of course not. No one is that stupid. Does any of us think Vodafone or whoever likes Coronation Street!? These are people that plaster adverts in the private of public spaces without a second thought, but are embarrassed to be on the same page as a legal (if nefarious) political party. They should be more embarrassed about their lack of imagination when it comes to talking to their current and potential customers.