So long, suckers

In yet another humiliating climbdown, the idiots at Freedm2 have shut up shop. The replacement site is actually called ‘Freedm holding page’ (!) and the email to tell us the horrendous news is – and I’m not joking here – an image of a note (see below). It’s an email chaps, that comes after notes.

Oh, but don’t worry, they’re not shutting it down… they’re redesigning it (yeah right). Here’s the explanation, as usual in marketing-wanker-speak

“When the new site is ready our digital engineers will get together with some member of the digital Royal family, cut some digital red ribbon and probably pop a few bottles of digital champagne. It’ll be great.

“Until then, keep on painting, writing, drawing, snapping, singing, dancing, inspiring, shocking, entertaining. The world needs more people like you.”

Indeed. And less like you, suckers!

Here’s the power of mass indifference.

3 thoughts on “So long, suckers”

  1. Nice one. I just got the same email and thought of you! I doubt anyone noticed it wasn’t there any more, really, who ever went on there anyway, or actually gives a sh*t…

  2. Obviously an example that we all used at VCCP Digital of a brand not adhering to the Be Useful rule!
    Very funny. I will be using that in my Digital Infection sessions…

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