Point and click

Here’s a question for iPhone (and iPod Touch) crazies. How many input methods are there for your beloved biblical telephone?

1? – it’s the screen. The Lord Jobs has made it so. ANd it’s rally easi to tyd0 on.

2? – oh, you’re counting the button. Yes that is a very important accesibility device.

3?  – 3? Because it’s mutitouch. Oh god I think I’ve missed one. Is it the hold key, or are you counting the volume control on the new ones?

Well, of course, the third one – for us interface geeks out there – is the microphone. And it’s interesting to see that Google has released an app to allow you to search that way http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10092525-2.html (as long as you have a North American accent). Perhaps the ‘steep learning curve’ for the keyboard was reducing the number of adwords they were getting out.

Google Voice thingy