Switch off, tune in and chill out

UPDATE: two days after writing this (and after the event itself) I came up with a much better headline. Seems a shame not to mention it:

An hour, at a time


I don’t know about you but the things I love about London is the rare few occasions that we do something together, even if it tends to be in a slightly half-arsed way.

New Year’s Eve is like that, or being on streets of central London on Christmas day. Or the day that we all got snowed in. Or the day that the city was incredibly brave, and together and defiant of terrorists, and all those people who’d been ignoring each other on the tube for the rest of the year, walked home across the bridges and parks.

Well our friends at We are Social are asking people to talk about a similar event on Saturday, when I hope the city will do it’s kooky thing one more time for just an hour and turn off all our lights. The idea is to make the point that we know the trappings of modern life – which we take for granted – are not sustainable and we know that we willing to take action to make them so.

So please check it out, and hopefully enjoy an hour in the dark, feeling part of the solution.


(Thanks to Nic Spic for the Pic)

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