When we first set out to write the book, I expected it would have 25 authors — the team at Fluxx — and one editor (me). As it worked out, it has had one author and 25 editors.

Each of the team has contributed ideas, case histories, anecdotes, better thinking, and even a couple of jokes; they’ve picked nits, rewritten pieces, made suggestions and generally made the book much better than it was when I started.

Like much of what we do, it has reminded me of the unassailable privilege of working with such a smart bunch of like-minded individuals.

The mistakes are mine, the credit is theirs.

There is one editor I must thank in particular. Paul Dawson, one of Fluxx’s founders, has spent many days poring over the text, painstakingly ensuring that it stands up to the scrutiny of the real world and accurately reflects the best thinking of Fluxx. For joining me so closely on the incredible journey of turning these ideas into a single tome, I will forever be in his debt.

Tom Hopkins