About the book

Why is it that some of the world’s largest companies, even those who’s history is littered with innovation, are often the least able to adapt themselves to the future?

At some stage in the company’s evolution, a switch is made, and the focus on staying the same and delivering the daily business becomes even more important than looking to the future.

New thoughts, new ideas, new commercial models become the Unthinkable, a heresy against the ‘purpose’ of the company and the its brave founders, its original innovators.

Unthinkable is our attempt to put that right.

At Fluxx we’ve set out to solve precisely this problem, helping companies learn, or re-learn, how to do new things. We know the pitfalls, we know the challenges and we know the deep human motivations which often mobilize against innovation in big businesses. And so we have devised a radical new approach to innovation which can take account of these factors and even use them to the advantage of us and our clients.

In this new book we hope to sum up what we’ve learned and share the approach we know will work to make innovation happen in even the most successful companies.

Author – Tom Hopkins

When this book was written, Tom Hopkins was principal consultant at Fluxx, a product and service innovation company in London, having previously held senior positions in many of the world’s most influential digital, creative and design businesses.

Tom is now Product Innovation Director for Experian Consumer Services.

Editor – Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson is a founding partner at Fluxx. Previously Paul led the Interactive Media team at Conchango, one of the UK’s biggest and best digital agencies.


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