Summer madness

I know it’s not summer yet. But it’s going to come soon and it’s going to be full of crazy people. And the crazy people are going to work in marketing agencies and they’re going to be trying to reinvent the interweb. Here are some early starters:

Thompson ad 

Firstly some klutz at JWT clearly doesn’t know that Google Earth is a product name and not a generic. Rather more importantly is this candidate for most patronising and inelegant phrase I’ve heard for a long time: ‘read what people like you made of it’.

The site itself has some nice features and UI bits and pieces, as well as a (not bad) custom virtual earth. I can only assume they’re still working on the content. When you roll over the continental United States you get one clickable link which opens up to say: “Holidays in the USA will offer you the warmest of welcomes, the biggest of portions and lifetime of memories”.

Thompson Earth

Well I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been there before I even got on the plane. I might explore more with some user generated content. Although Thompson would like to make it very clear that any resemblence to trusting their customers is purely accidental:

THompson Flickr

Well they can’t be too careful what people like us might upload.

The ad was in good company. The newly updated information revolution ad was right next to it. Remember boys and girls, Google is too powerful so you should use That’s the same that only exists now because it ran Google ads for the last five years.

Ask - the other search engine.


The ferry at Putney 

I’ve just changed jobs.

I used to wonder how anyone could stand changing jobs every two years (having left it somewhat longer). Well now I *really* don’t know. All that disruption, the new kettle to get used to, new systems, all those names…

Anyhow, amongst the multitude of things that are different about my new job (and it’s so different, it’s largely not really a question of better or worse) is the location.

Victoria was pretty cool but Southwark Bridge I think, has it. It’s near the brilliant Tate Modern building, the wobbley bridge, the Thames, Borough market, I walk past the globe every day, best sandwich shop I’ve ever been to, and to seal the whole thing, I got a boat to work today!

It takes about 30 mins longer than the tube. You have to pay a bit more and it’s a little bit more windy but what a marvellous thing. What a nice way to start the day.